Why Should You Hire a Professional Photographer?


So, you have this well-meaning-photo-amateur-relative-friend who says, “I’ll shoot your wedding for next-to-nothing. I have a really nice DSLR camera. I can save you some money.”

Whether you’re on the fence or pretty darn sure that dropping the dough on a professional isn’t worth it, theses reasons to hire a pro will change the way you think about spending money on photography.



Not only will a professional have at least two camera bodies, flashes, & a variety of lenses in case something breaks, but all pros have multiple back up systems in place for your precious photographs like online data storage, multiple external hard drives & second shooters.



Some of the most memorable moments happen in an instant. Professional photographers are familiar with their equipment & will capture fleeting moments quickly & accurately. They work tirelessly to be sure and catch as much as possible from your day. And they do. They are ready for it all at a moment’s notice.


Pros have spent years doing what they do, and for that, they do it well. Tricky light, tough angles, & awkward venues are old hat for a pro. There’s no need to panic if the noon sun is harsh or it starts to snow. Your pro knows exactly what to do to get the best possible shot & has all of the right tools for virtually any situation.


Pros are on the cutting edge of the industry & are sure to operate their businesses with the latest computer equipment & software. This ensures that your photographs will be processed efficiently & be of the best possible quality. Your photos will be properly color corrected, edited, and ready to easily print & share.


A contract can’t guarantee it all, but it certainly ensures that you & your photographer have the same expectations & a clear agreement ahead of time. You don’t want to say, “I thought you were going to…” after the fact.


A professional spends a great deal of time making sure that they know what kind of day you’ve planned and how to deliver the best possible photographs. They make sure to familiarize themselves with venues ahead of time for the best possible locations & spend time with you before the event addressing all of your photography needs.


A professional photographer always carries insurance, both in the form of liability & equipment. Many venues require photographers to provide a certificate of insurance, so if your friendly neighbor doesn’t have it, you don’t have a photographer.


For photographs to look fabulous in print they must be printed by a regularly calibrated pro printer. Most high end print & album companies only service established, pro photographers. That is why albums & prints you order from a pro are the absolute best in the business. Why would you want your wedding photographs printed anywhere else?


What will be left of your amazing day when it all passes in a flash? Photos are one of the few things you’ll be able to cherish forever. Don’t you want your photos to be beautiful & easy to share & enjoy for years to come?