Danielle + Tyler

September 11, 2017  •  3 Comments

This past weekend has been one that has included one of the best milestones in not only my photography career, but if I'm being honest my personal life as well. We all have those work acquaintances we get together with occasionally or maybe friends from a dance class we meet with on Thursdays for a drink. It's a rarity that we have those friends in our lives for five maybe ten years, that have been with us for the ups and downs of our lives. My friend Danielle and I have been friends for TWENTY ONE years and counting. I remember meeting her in the sixth grade, finding out she lived within walking distance from my house and that she loved Pokemon and zombies. (two of some of my favorite things haha). From that point on, we hung out almost every day, playing video games, going to movies and talking about boys.

There was a specific time I remember we were hanging out down in her room at her moms's place, she was sitting at her neatly organized desk and I was sitting on her bed. I asked her, "Danielle, do you ever want to get married and have kids?" Because what 10 year old DOESN'T want that? She looked right at me and said "No, I don't think so. I'm going to be one of those old, single ladies." I was completely flabberghasted! "What do you mean?!" "How do you not want any kids of your own or a husband??" I thought. She was never one to date in school, always having a plethora of friends from every group you could imagine and she always seemed happy, so I let it go. 

Fast forward 21 years later, after we both have big girl jobs, cars and busy adult lives where we don't see each other as often as we used to and she tells me she's met someone named Tyler. "Tyler who! Tell me all about him!" I say. (Inside I'm secretly screaming FINALLY!!!) Although, I very possibly could've said that out loud too haha. The way Danielle describes Tyler is the way you talk about your best friend. One you've been waiting for, well, your whole life. And the way that he makes her laugh, teases her and supports her in the things that she does, I'm confident in saying that she's found the person/partner she's supposed to be with. They're one of those couples who are sickeningly sweet to be around and make you jealous if you don't already have that for yourself. It's incredibly adorable. Tyler's a one in a million guy who I couldn't have even picked for my best friend if I'd tried. They're lucky enough to have found each other after a very worthwhile wait. 

So, congratulations on your engagement you two and I wish you nothing but the very best for your marriage. I can't wait to see what your future brings!

Enjoy some of my photos from their engagement session we had this weekend because they turned out beautiful! 

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Theresa Medrano(non-registered)
Brittany, you're a great friend.i love all the photos, but my fav is of them sitting on the truck tailgate. Thank you for loving and taking good care of Danielle over the year. Your kind of friendship is a rare gift.
Beautiful Brit Lou xo
Brittany, you've done a lovely job in capturing the love between two young people. Danielle is my niece and I am happy she has found Tyler to spend the rest of her life with. I hope to meet you at the wedding.
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