Mother's Day Special

February 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The loss of a loved one is never easy. Especially the loss of one of the most if not THE most important relationship in anyone's life, their mother. It's been 3 years now since my mom passed away and I still wake up sometimes and think that it's all a dream. One of my favorite things to do when the sadness and memories start to overwhelm me, is to sit down and look at the old photo's she saved in her photo albums of us and our family. It enables me to remember all the fun times, birthdays and holidays we got to spend together even though they were cut short and the memories from those times will stay with me forever. Photo's are just a catalyst to travel back to the past to be able to view the life that you're only given one of. I still wish that we had more photo's of us together just me and her because those are the ones I cherish the most of all. That's why I'm offering a model call to those mother and daughter duo's that wish to have more photos of them to have and keep forever for years onward. You'll get a free 30 minute session and 3 8x10 professional printed photo's for your time and we will be able to freeze this moment of time with the person who means the world to you. 

Please contact me to schedule as there are a limited amount of spots available. You can reach me at 614-500-3470 or



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