Breast Feeding Food Guide

September 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I know one of the things new moms think about with their new baby is should they breast feed or bottle feed. For the new mom that chooses to breast feed there are some foods that can affect the new baby and ultimately these foods can make baby irritable and fussy not only at home but during your photo session. This is why I include in my newborn prep guide a list of things to NOT eat prior to your session. This will help things run smoothly and allow baby to get as many poses/backdrop changes through out the session with out them being fussy as possible. That new little digestive system is sensitive and different foods will affect all babies differently. I always suggest to clients to eat healthy and take care of themselves, know their bodies and their babies different cues/tells. This will make for an all around happy and healthy baby. Hopefully this list will be a good starting place and help your session run as seamlessly and flawlessly as possible. I also recommend following this guide 48 hours prior to your session. Always remember to consult your pediatrician. :)

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