Mr. & Mrs Carrero

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On August 1st I had the pleasure of photographing my high school friend Nicole's wedding to her fiance Jorge Carrero. We'd been talking about and planning the photo's for almost a year. I'm so glad I was able to be there to capture this special day for her and Jorge. When they were getting ready it was fast paced and exciting to document for them but everyone ended up looking awesome.

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After everyone got ready, the bride and groom had gotten each other a little gift to give to each other before they walked down the isle. I had the honor of delivering Jorge's gift to him at the Hilton Hotel. The gifts were so sweet and thoughtful. Nicole got him a special album for him to look through of boudoir photo's of herself looking sexy as hell. He got her an adorable bracelet with a sweet little charm that said "I love my wife." It was so pretty.

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After all the hair and make up, the entire bridal party was stunning in their light colored tuxes and pink hued dresses. Everyone looked like they just stepped off a movie screen.

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Not only were the clothes stunning, but the ring Jorge got Nicole was absolutely BREATHTAKING. If a girl dreams of her wedding ring this is the one she imagines. It's the one that makes everyone jealous and wish they had one for themselves. 

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When the music started to play Nicole and her dad came around the corner and down the isle, it was a sight not to be forgotten. The look on Mr. Richards face was one of utmost love, pride and joy. 

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 If you've never been to a traditional Catholic wedding then I suggest you go to one if you ever get a chance. It's full of songs, scripture and love. Once the couple said "I do" they turned to face the world as the new Mr. & Mrs. Carrero. They looked ready to take on anything life could throw at them.


After the ceremony everyone headed over to the Hoover Sailing Club at Hoover Dam for the reception. That's when the party really began. The cake was stunning and the formals of the couple and the bridal party were something to be remembered. 


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All in all it was a beautiful day full of love between two people, support of friends and family and good times had by all. I wish nothing but the best for this awesome couple and their new lives together as husband and wife.



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Came across this while searching for weddings photographs - stunning
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LOVE this!! And love all of your pictures :)
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