1 Year Cake Smash for Colton!

July 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This little man is finally 1 year old as of July 3rd 2015! I've been photographing my handsome nephew since he was born and he has grown so much!


Colton can say "ball", "up" and "Vroom!". What melts my heart is his 4 little front teeth! He looks like a little beaver!


 I have been waiting all year to do his cake smash. I went to Schneiders Bakery in Westerville and had them make a custom cake for him. They did an amazing job! If you haven't been there and had a donut, go ASAP!

IMG_4770IMG_4770 IMG_4768IMG_4768  We set the cake down in front of him and he immediately went straight for the bright green #1 on the top lol. He doesn't get sweets very often but when he got that first taste he gobbled it up!


IMG_4785IMG_4785  We got him super dirty and smeared cake on his chubby little cheeks because he didn't want to get dirty!

IMG_4908IMG_4908 IMG_4890IMG_4890 IMG_4808IMG_4808

This shoot has been by far my favorite this year! I may be biased because he is my nephew but he melts my heart just the same. These photo's will last forever!



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