What To Wear For Your Photo Session

June 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So you found my website, decided you love my work, and booked a photo session with me.  And then you start wondering- what are we going to wear?!

I am often asked by clients what they should wear for family photos.  I want you to be comfortable and wear something that reflects your family's style, but I have some tips that will help make your photos look great.

I recommend choosing outfits that coordinate, but don't match.  The days of everyone wearing white shirts and khakis have come and gone. To best accomplish coordinating outfits, treat everyone's clothing as if it were all one outfit.  You can start by picking an inspiration piece- a scarf, a plaid shirt, etc.- and then select the rest of the clothing to compliment that piece.  Try to stick to 3 or 4 colors.  Lay everything out on a bed and make sure nothing stands out too much.

Add some texture with layers, ruffles, knits, embellishments, etc.  Scarves for mom and hats or headbands for the little ones are always a great way to tie in colors.  And don't forget your shoes, they will show!

Lastly, remember the season and the location.  If it is fall and we are shooting with a red barn in the background, hot pink is not a good color choice!

Here are some great examples for some inspiration.  And feel free to send me photos of outfits you are considering while planning for your upcoming session- I would love to help do anything I can to make your session easier and make your photos look great :)


For more ideas on color scheme and clothes to choose visit: https://www.pinterest.com/blabrador33/what-to-wear-to-your-photoshoot/








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