She Said....

October 18, 2015  •  2 Comments

Last month I had a very good friend of mine tell me he was wanting to pop the question to his girlfriend and wanted me to photograph it. How awesome is that?? I've known Kelly a LONG time now. He's been through some ups and downs in his life and I was overjoyed at being able to be there to capture this special moment in his life that was a long time coming so of course I agreed. We met up in secret to discuss what his plans were, where he was going to do it and how. He said that he planned to take her to a pumpkin patch where he would strategically have placed a pumpkin. On this pumpkin would be written "Courtney Marry Me?" My job: be discretely hidden, camera ready to capture the events. I can't tell you how excited I was for him and the big day. Today was the decided day of action. It was all so perfectly planned with the help of his friends and family and Courtney had no idea anything was in the works. In the end.....she said YES!

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It was wonderful meeting you Brittany and I'm in love with the pictures you did such a great job!! Thank you sooo much.
Kelly Neff (Andrew Neff on fb)(non-registered)
Many thanks to a good friend and great photographer (and her boyfriend's help too) for this unbelievably great day being captured so prefectly!
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