Family Time is the BEST Time!

October 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This past Sunday I got to photograph the most adorable family you'll ever meet Joel, Beth, Avery & Olivia. They were sports as we had tried to work around the upcoming weather when it came to scheduling their family photos that they wanted specifically to look warm and inviting because it's that time of year. We had decided on Sunday as that was the best day in the forecast and as it turned out this was the best decision because it has rained ever since then. The leaves were beautiful and vibrant with all their yellows, oranges and browns. This family did an AWESOME job of picking out their coordinating colors. Don't you think?


StanleyFamily-3StanleyFamily-3 StanleyFamily-12StanleyFamily-12 StanleyFamily-26StanleyFamily-26 StanleyFamily-36StanleyFamily-36 StanleyFamily-51StanleyFamily-51 StanleyFamily-78StanleyFamily-78


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